Painting-A-Day 2.0

Okay lets try this again.

Some of you may have read my old blog in which I started my Painting-A-Day project. After a digital meltdown on blogger I am starting this new blog on WordPress. Lets see how it goes.

My Painting-A-Day project was inspired by a new favorite artist of mine Karin Jurick. She does a Painting A Day blog of her own. See it at here.

You can see the first 12 paintings in my series here.

So lets start this new blog with number 13 “My Pal Paul”.

“My Pal Paul”


Oil on canvas panel

This is a painting of my good friend Paul Alessi. Paul is an actor and producer in Los Angeles. I have done many projects with him as an actor. Most recently his feature film “Knuckledraggers”. Check it out here

Oh yeah and dig that crazy poster I painted for it.

Paul is a terrific actor and a good friend. It was a pleasure doing this painting of him.

This is the first painting I’ve done with a red ground. I usually use a burnt umber ground, but as I am using this project as a way to experiment and grow, I have tried a number of different colors for grounds. Notice how you can see the red peeking through here and there. I really like the feel it gives and plan on doing more with the red ground.

Hope you dig it.

(Not for sale)


One Response to “Painting-A-Day 2.0”

  1. Thanks for painting me bro I love your work!!!!

    Thank you,
    Paul J. Alessi

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