“Man In Hat #2”

“Man In Hat #2”


Oil on canvas board

Used a red ground on this one. Then only three tubes of paint, Mars black, Titanium white and Torrit gray. The combination of the red ground and the Torrit gray really warmed it up. (Although I think what I see on my computer screen is even a bit warmer than the original.) Because I always lean towards warm colors, I think the next monochromatic piece I do I will use cooler grays. I’ve been thinking about why I like the warm colors so much. I think it has something to do with being weaned on those Dick and Jane books. The works of my favorite illustrators are very warm also. Especially someone like Haddon Sundblom. I think it had to do with the limitations of the printing process at that time what but the colors were very warm.

(Click here to check availability and see a gallery of all the pieces from my “Painting A Day” Project.)


One Response to ““Man In Hat #2””

  1. Jim-
    You are getting so freaking good bro!!!!
    I really like this painting.
    Keep on knocking them out.

    Paul J. Alessi

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