“10/22/10 Self Portrait”

“10/22/10 Self Portrait”


Oil on canvas panel


I think this is only the second self portrait I’ve ever done. (The first was years and years ago.) While I am a narcissist the real reason I did this piece is because it is kind of silly. Shot this in a hat store in Melbourne Australia (VIVA AUSTRALIA!!!)

This is done with the “Zorn Palette“. I had to go out and grab a tube of Ivory black since I mostly use Mars black. I wanted to use  the Ivory Black to take advantage of the coolness it tints with. I really want to explore this palette but I already feel like I want to expand it a bit. I might like to add a blue and possibly Alizarin Crimson. I am going to hold off on that for a while in order to challenge myself and not fall back on any crutches.

All in all really liking the palette.

(Click here to see the gallery of my “Painting A Day” series.)


One Response to ““10/22/10 Self Portrait””

  1. Wow Jim that’s a great painting and the best part is it looks just like you!

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