“The Bride”

“The Bride”


Oil on canvas panel.

Who wouldnt love an art deco woman?! Elsa Lanchester 1902-1986. I dont think you could call her classically beautiful but there is a strange beauty to her roll as the Bride. Classic!

So this is about the 4th or fifth piece I’ve done with the “Zorn palette”. I must admit some color frustration with it. Mostly with the cool blue, which it doesnt have. (Ivory black, Titanium white, Cadmium red, Yellow ochre) But I am forcing myself to refrain from reaching for the tubes of blue. Trying to use the juxtaposition of warms with the cools to create the bluish tones that I need. I really wanted to pump color in this piece. I guess when it comes to monsters I have been highly influenced by the great Basil Gogos and his Famous Monsters of Filmland covers. Great exercise to stretch with. I’m not done with it yet.

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One Response to ““The Bride””

  1. Wonderful painting, Jim. You really captured her beauty and the lighting is fantastic. Great work!

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