Two GIs

In order to keep from noodling to much I imposed a time limit on these two paintings. Each of these were completed within one hour. I actually set up an egg timer by by easel to keep myself honest. Again I used the limited “Zorn” palette.

“Combat Wise”


Oil on canvas panel.

The first of these I did last night. Been feeling a bit stale lately. I needed to shake things up a bit, so my wife says why dont you limit your time. Did I mention my wife is a genius?! It was just what I needed.


“Pfc. Calloway”


Oil on canvas panel

Did this one this morning. Woke up pretty excited to get at a canvas. Sometimes you need to do things a bit differently to keep the passion fired up. Working at a greater speed doesn’t allow you to spend to much time fiddling with a painting. This is a good way to keep from getting caught up in your head. You have to make color decisions quickly and lay them in precisely and leave them alone. You also have to carefully choose the way you lay a brush stroke. You want to create as much visual information with an economy of strokes.

Click HERE to check availability and see the entire gallery of my “Painting A Day” project.


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