“U.S. Army Air Corps”

“U.S. Army Air Corps”


Oil on canvas panel

One of the “greatest generation”. WWII flyers were the coolest cats on the planet.

I’ve started to alter the “Zorn” palette to fit my personal preferences. I will keep the Ivory Black, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre and Cadmium Red Light as my basic colors but I am adding Thalo Blue and Burnt Umber. Basically I’m adding these for the reason they were invented in the first place, ease of use and speed. I could mix something very close to burnt umber from the four basics but every time you need to mix a color you loose time. For that matter I may even add in my favorite…Naples yellow light.

It is fun to explore the many roads that get you where you want to be.

Click HERE to check availability and see the entire gallery for my “Painting A Day” Project.

On a side note, there was no painting yesterday as I had to go out of town on business. Just a quick trip to Atlanta to meet with my acting agents. Watch for me hawking products on a T.V. near you!


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